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Two beautiful souls hold a workshop | Justin + Mary

If you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing their work, go visit Justin & Mary’s website. They are a husband and wife wedding photography team based out in New England. The photographs they produce are beautiful and reflect that 40’s and 50’s style of photography. Not only are their skills and photography inspirational, they themselves try to pour back into the photography community with insight and passion. They announced they were coming to Denver and were going to host a few workshops – one being lighting. I jumped at the chance.

I have missed being in a technical learning environment for a long time now. I loved being in school for commercial photography. I loved learning the science behind a camera, film and light. I loved learning how to manipulate those elements to produce a moment that are frozen in time. I have been thirsty to return to that environment for a few years now. I knew I would gain new insight as well as resurface knowledge and passion that have been kind of squashed down over the past several years. The workshop was nothing less than amazing. Justin and Mary are delightful and their willingness to share their tips and tricks in the wedding field is so humbling. If your a fellow photographer, go check them out and please jump at the chance to attend anything they offer; you wont regret it.

At the end of the workshop they offer a time that the attendees (me) can play. They provided models and offered to us the use of their lighting equipment. I wanted to keep with what I use on the field so I used my flashes. Here are a few of the images from my time playing around.

Both models are stunning. Renee happens to also be a photographer. Check her beautiful work here.

The workshop was also held at The Studio located on the north side of Denver. Such a cool environment – highly recommend checking it out.

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