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Two Years Old | San Luis Obispo Family Photographer

I have been photographing this kid’s story since before he was even born. His mom and dad’s engagement, their Pismo Beach elopement, his newborn photos and so many moments from that point till now. I love Krisstin + Cole—and the little boy they made is absolutely fantastic and melts my heart again and again.

Like most toddler photoshoots… it’s all about playing, interacting, moving and embracing the craziness with any moment that comes your way. While parents walk in with high hopes of our time together, it often begins to feel overwhelming as you realize once again you can’t make a little child do exactly what you want nor will they listen. But let me tell you, that is okay. 100%.

Noah wasn’t having it a couple minutes when we began. We gave him time to snack, get comfortable—yet, even then… he still was done and ready to move on. Meaning: go home. So that is exactly what the four of us did.

Once we got back into their sweet lil neighboorhood and in his element, he was ready. And our time was hysterical together. I’m pretty sure we walked a mile that day, and I got to see all the sweet lil goto spots of his. A gate that lets him see the traffic on a busy road, his stepping rocks on the skirt of a neighbor’s backyard, the constant row of trucks parked in their driveways that were oh-so-cool to him.

The best moment… well… that feels not proper to say. But… as we were winding down, all the sudden not only an abulance but also a massive fire truck pulled into the nighboorhood—parking right next to us. Noah’s world exploded and it was the best thing that has ever happened during a family session. The lights, the colors, the husstle—it was a great distraction and easy way to get smilies and wide eyes.

Without further ado, enjoy. Happy Birthday, Noah. I love watching you grow up.

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