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A Cayucos Cass House Wedding

There are so many things I want to say about this day. But words are failing me.

While the day already felt magical, all of Los Osos, Morro Bay and what felt like all of Caycuos except for the block that Cass House resides on was socked in with marine layer. Thick clouds and fog surrounded us while we witnessed blue skies overhead—it was beautiful.

This day was full of so many things I want to share. Moments of pure joy and laughter (like Miranda trying to find her groom in a lineup bildfolded during the reception, or when their golden retreiver decided the middle of the ceremony was a great time to roll around in the grass and make a scene). Or when all of us were fighting tears during her dad’s speech. Or being in awe of the amount of support and love they are surrounded by with their friends and family. And being blown away by her mother’s tallent (the FLOWER!) and Miranda’s dress. This day was beautiful, and filled with so much heart. But I want to share this one moment that keeps playing on repeat for me…

Dillon stood besides his dad who is local basketball couch who obtained, via the internet, his license to ordain for this very day. Dillon was embraced by all eight of his groomsmen after each had walked down the asile with their bridesmaid counterpart. Before Miranda would enter the scene, their ringbarer (aka their pup), Cooper, walked to his owner and nuzzled him. As Dillon stood up, we all felt the anticpation.

With how Cass House is arranged, before you see the bride actually walking down the asile, the first glimps is seeing her walk perpendicular along a stone path in the back, between two large hedges that create the permitiar around the gardens (it’s actually quite a beautiful way to see her for the first time). They didn’t do a first look, but earlier in the day they shared their personal wedding vows to eachother—while he was in his suit, she was in her floral getting-ready robe. But this moment, it’s seeing her for the first time in her dress. Watching her walk past, and then be hidden for a couple moments to fluff and thing; it’s almost a prep, a tease if you will. It’s that first peak and shift of emotions, but it quickly builds back up as she is hidden once again. After large inhails and exhales, Miranda imerges, linked arms with her father and with the most radiating smile on her face as she locks eyes with her groom. And Dillon is absoultely beaming.

While everyone is looking at the bride, a few soak in the moment while watching the groom. Dillon’s mother looks quickly in delight at Miranda, then back at Dillon; both her and her mother give the same expression as they watch their son and grandson lock eyes with his soon-to-be wife. It’s in these moments that I feel tapped into everyone’s rollercoaster of emotions; the anticipation, the butterflies, the nerves—and how quickly those subside as the two of them are locked eyes with eachother. Pride, joy and pure delight fills the scene. And for the bride and groom, there is this extra emotion that takes over. It’s that “you’re my home” feeling. And I love being a witness to it.

Miranda and Dillon, thank you for inviting me into your day and lives to document this part of your story. I adore the two of you, and I’m ardently happy for you. May all the most wonderful things find you. xoxo

The most lovely vendors: Venue Cass House Cayucos | Planner Sage & Stone Events | Photographer Austyn Elizabeth Photography | Caterer Hatch Catering Co. | Cinematographer Forever Rooted Films | Floral Design Miranda’s Mom | Hair and Makeup Tami Bernard | Bridal Boutique Monamie Bridal Salon | Custom Suits Suits Shop | Rentals Got You Covered | DJ Kramer Events | Dessert Churro Cart
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