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learning to do the thing that ignites your soul from a person who wants to see you succeed.

I see you hustling, chasing after this dream of running a business that allows you to live out your passion. I also know that feeling of wishing you could crack open the business of someone who's gone through it before you. To hear the "secrets." To glean from their experiences of success and even more importantly, from their mess-ups. You want someone to be an open book.


I began building my photography business in 2004, relocated my business across five different states, and then added a second business designing brands and websites for creatives. In that process it became evident that I also have a nack for making Google think websites are the bee's knees. All this to say, it’s safe to assume I’ve walked through a lot of the do’s and don’ts. This little corner of my website is made for you and the business you dream about having.

All about SEO

The Blog Post Checklist Downloadable Guide

From preparing images to hitting “Publish”— all the things photographers and wedding professionals need to help make Google take notice.


A downloadable PDF that walks you through how to help make your blog post be seen and suggested to potential clients who are looking for exactly what you do and where you want to be doing it.


Did you hear?

The SEO online Course is coming!!!

Finally learn how to Optimize your website in a way that takes away the sleazy feelings, the overwhelm, and scary bits. I'm gonna walk you through the process, excite you with new ways to execute your dreams, and make it easy and obtainable... it's gonna be fun. I pinky promise.


We're currently filming and putting it all together. But if you're hoping to jump in line as soon as it is released, sign up below for the waitlist and we'll be sure to keep you in the know!

SEO Services

Single Blog Post

SEO Audit

Hire me to do an audit on a single blog post you've created. I'll tell you what needs fixing and how to make the post even more effective.


SIngle Web Page

SEO Audit

We'll walk through a single web page on your site and I'll educate you on what needs fixing and how to make the page even more effective.



SEO Audit

Up to 5 Web Pages

Includes 3 Blog Posts

Complete with a PDF document that provides a personalized strategy for you to implement.


Email me to learn more

The "Set up my SEO for me!" Package

You want to hire me to manage and set up your SEO on your site! This sounds like the best solution ever! However... I only offer this to website design clients. If you're interested in a new site, here is where you'll find that info.

Websites + Branding

along with super-effective SEO

I specialize in website design that not only helps attract your ideal client and drives them to feel connected to you, but also makes Google think you're the bee's knees.


Full Website, Branding and SEO begins at $12,500.

Email me to learn more