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BUSINESS Mentoring

learning to do the thing that ignites your soul from a person who wants to see you succeed.

I see you hustling, chasing after this dream of running a business that allows you to live out your passion. I also know that feeling of wishing you could crack open the business of someone who's gone through all of it before you. To hear the "secrets." To glean from their experiences of success and mess ups. You want someone to be an open book.


After 16 years of being paid to photograph weddings and commercial photography gigs—and then 3 years of building another business designing brands and websites for creatives—it’s safe to say I’ve walked through a lot of the do’s and don’ts. This little corner of my website is made for you and the business you dream about having.


I am happy to share my knowledge, experience and insight to help you stay inspired while creating a business that works for you.

Newsletters are cool. Just like you.


Did you hear?

We're working on big things to help google Go gaga over your site.

After helping over several dozen friends in the wedding and photography industry have their website rank in top search results for their ideal and prospective clients... and teaching an in-person monthly workshop on SEO... we're finally streamlining it and making it an online course! Just for you. Because your blog posts and website should be seen by more than just your mom.


Finally learn how to Optimize your website in a way that takes away the scary parts of why you haven't SEO'd your site yet. I'll walk you through all the steps I take with my own website as well as every client I work with and teach you how to do it in a way that makes sense and actually seems quite easy. Promise.

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Business Coaching + Business INTENSIVES

Full Day Intensive

In person, 8 hours.

We go over: website, branding, pricing, workflow, emails, client experience, and goal setting.


Half Day Intensive

In person, 4 hours.

We go over: website, branding, pricing, workflow, client experience.


Business Coaching

Two (2) one and a half hour online meetings. While the intensives are walking through every area of your business with you in person, business coaching is about narrowing in on specific areas you want help in.


Tuesdays Together

— San Luis Obispo Rising Tide Society Chapter —

If you are a local in the San Luis Obispo area and would love to hook up with a community of like minded creative entrapranures who strive for Community Over Competition, I would love for you to join our group! Click the link below to learn more!

austyn + co.


I have a thing for making websites and designs that enhances your client experience while also making sure your SEO is top notch. Thus Austyn & Co. was born! It is here where we share more about our website and branding services while also more educational resources for creatives and small businesses just like you! See you there!