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Change + Waves | The Jenna Kutcher Course


Life is always changing. Always. Things come.  Things go. And this will continue to happen every single day if not every single moment. Change also happens even without our consent or wishes. Often times we feel like we are being hit by the waves of this constantly changing world we are in. Sometimes we are being tossed and billowed, trying to make sense of the chaos and keeping up with the changes that are happening. But then there are other times… where we are choosing to make the waves ourselves. We choose different. We choose better. We plan and act upon a dream and passion – and we make beautiful waves that don’t just affect ourselves or those close to us, but help change the world and life of others.

Photography is magical. It heals. It inspires. It gives knowledge and wisdom. It records. It memorizes. It shows others things that words often can’t. It’s emotional and sobering. It’s honest and empowering. Photography carries so many traits and I am so thankful that it is my art, my job, my profession. My gift to the world is photographs.

The one thing is that I, along with so many creative entrepreneurs, lack the knowledge and natural characteristics that help our professions succeed. We aren’t business men. We aren’t salesmen. Some of us, I included, may have had a business course while in art school… but that really only went so far. It doesn’t take me long to see where i lack and where my gaps are with making Austyn Elizabeth Photography amazing, but I also know I can’t do it alone. SO… I want to shout to the world that I am going to make waves. I am choosing to learn. To change. To grow. To be inspired. To be better than I am currently now.

I am fortunate to be starting a Marketing Course for Creative Entrepreneurs starting April 1st. Run by the talented and super lovable Jenna Kutcher. I, along with fifteen other ladies will be diving into making change happen. Making a business that is amazing from start to finish. To make sure our passions are reflected, that our hopes are evident, and our voice is clear.

So watch out. And I hope you are excited. ‘Cause I am too stinkin’ thrilled and estatic to not share this with the world.

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  • Jenna KutcherLOVE YOU, love your heart, love this blog post.
    You have blessed me in so many ways, challenged me, and encouraged me.

    So thrilled you are on this journey, so pumped to watch you grow. This is exactly what you needed and I am honored to be taking you on this adventure. LET’S MAKE WAVES!ReplyCancel