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debbie + nathan | wedding | denver wedding photographer

Debbie and Nathan are one of the sweetest couples I have had the pleasure of photographing, and their story is just as sweet. When I arrived to the wedding site it was raining. Debbie was trying to keep herself clam while everyone was either getting ready or setting up for their outdoor ceremony. It had to of been about 40 minutes before the ceremony that the rain let up, so we dashed out and started photographing the separate bridal parties. It was by no surprise that as we finished, the rain started again. We hoped and prayed it was going to stop for the ceremony – and once again, the rain let up just in time. The ceremony started and just a few minutes before the kiss, it started to sprinkle. Even in the rain – it was beautiful, and of course created a bit extra romantic flair. We photographed the full bridal party, him+her, and their families in the rain. It was beautiful and breath taking.





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