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laura + glass | laura falls in love




My very good friend Laura came to visit my lil family out in Colorado for a few days in the month of August. It was wonderful. Now before I get all sentimental, Laura and I have a huge passion for everything art. She will create and design beautiful things that in turn inspire me to create beautiful things. This is one of those times where something I had come across and started playing with intrigued her. I began etching glass when I seven months pregnant with Liam. Its so much fun. I have shelves of glass items the line our front entrance way just waiting to be etched – someday I’ll get to them. But two hours before we had to take Laura back to the airport to return to Chicago, she etched a mug as a souvenir. This is it. Its beautiful. I do wish though we had more time and I could of taken a few fun pictures with actual tea or something of the like being drunk from it. Next time, maybe.

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