San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

Meghan + Bryan | An Winter Engagement

Meghan and Bryan are one of those couples you love listening to and getting caught up in conversation with. They wanted to split up their engagement shoot to catch two different times of year; autumn and winter. Not many people want snowy engagement sessions… the cold, the rosy cheeks, the frozen fingers… but snow is just another cozy romantic time of year and it was tons of fun. They picked two personal locations for our morning and I LOVE that we got both the beautiful hazy early morning light and the bright blue sky sunshine. I also love hearing couples during shoots say to each other quietly and as if I’m not around, “I love you.” It makes me smile so. And really, thats why I am here, to help you always remember and to revisit these early moments in your ever after story; capturing those early “I love you”s out of the one hundred bajillion times you’ll end up saying it to each other.

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