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My evening with Sarah | Boulder Photographer

Nine years ago I went to a bible school in England called Capernwray Hall (I lived in a castle manor for three months). Beyond the amazing esthetics of the location being on a beautiful property of the north of England, the time spent and knowledge gained learning about God, Jesus and the bible outside of American Christianity is something I would never trade the world for. I transferred to a sister school for the last two months of the year. Those two months I’d be doing the same thing as I was in England, yet was located on the top of a mountain in gorgeous Estes Park, CO. The decision to switch for spring school was something I am still blown away by how it was brought about, and standing here now with two children running through the house with cheerios stuck to their faces and feet as I share this with you – I going to Estes Park changed the course of my whole world. But that story is for another time.

I attended Ravencrest the same time Sarah did. She contacted me last month about doing a photoshoot – celebrating life, love, grace and joy. After waiting for spring to finally arrive here in Colorado, we ran off into the foothills and captured her gorgeous smile, illuminating personality and the joy she would only say is from God. Loved my evening with Sarah. Here are a few photos from our time together. Cheers + Love!

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