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Pirate’s Cove

My folks live in one of the most beautiful places. Pismo Beach, California. The kids and I took a lil holiday to visit them. As this time of year is known as “June Gloom,” it is a bit more on the rarer side that we get beautiful sunshine. Last night’s clouds vanished and we decided to go on a lil hike. Pirate’s Cove is located on the West of Pismo Beach, just outside of Avila Valley. It is gorgeous. Last year’s visit to the cove was a bit more stressful as Emery was still attempting to walk but was at the full blown two-year-old “I can do it myself.” This year, however, she has immensely improved her ability to walk and running was on her agenda. She still isn’t extremely stable, especially on uneven ground, but she was determined. My mother was holding tightly to Emery’s fleece, as Emery was still determined to walk by herself. As she started her “running,” you could hear her squealing in delight, exclaiming, “This is fun guys! Guys! This is fun!”

As we walked up into the cavern, Emery points out, “Ooo. It’s pretty spooky in here guys.” She was not referencing the noise but the truly the appearance. As we walked out back through the cavern after seeing the ocean, she then says, “I have to put my hands on my ears.” Apparently this helps when you see something spooky.

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