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Respiratory Syncytial Virus | our lil girl is back in the hospital

I came home from photographing a St. Louis Wedding this past Sunday to find my lil girl coming down with a cold. We hung out Monday on the couch watching Cars and trying to drink lots of fluids. Unfortunately,  she was having a hard time keeping food down and her breathing became more difficult. Tuesday morning we went in to find out if there was anything we could do. A double ear infection was found and everyone was hoping that was all we were dealing with; it was not so. Her oxygen stats started plummeting and we were transfered by ambulance to the hospital she was born at (emery was born 15 weeks early and has had a large medical history for only being 2 years old). Upon arriving we started the process of finding out what we were dealing with and making sure to get her on the up and up. The next day we discovered she was diagonised with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). We were well aware of the virus and the effects it can have on children with a preemie history. It has been 5 days in the hospital and we still don’t know when we are leaving. Here are some snapshots over the past few days.

As you would probably assume, I will be out of the office and will try to keep up with inquires and so forth during this time. Thank you for your patience and encouragements.

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