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A Photo Competition | The First Kiss

Profoto and Justin + Mary have teamed up and are hosting a wedding photography photo competition that provides winners with some pretty sweet studio equipment. For the next couple months a new category/topic is posted and fellow photographers post their chosen photo. For the month of June the topic is “your take on the first kiss.” Here is my submission.

THE TEN THOUSANDTH FIRST. Even though this is definitely not Marc and Alison’s first kiss, after four years of marriage it isn’t hard being pulled back into that first kiss, and all it’s passion and romance. I love this shot.  I’m not sure about everyone else, but seeing photos of that split second before the kiss gives me butterflies. It is so beautiful. The anticipation, his sweet smile, and Alison is just gorgeous. The love that is between these two is so captivating.

If you haven’t had a chance to go see the submissions for this month, head on over and check it out (click here). I would absolutely love your vote! You will find my image presently in 8th place but really wouldn’t take much to get it in the top three – click HERE to see it! (To vote you click the heart icon on the top right above the photo.)


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