San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

Oh hey! Fancy seeing you here!

I'm Austyn Elizabeth

a california central coast wedding photographer

To be honest, I don't care about your wedding colors... but I care about your marriage. I don't care about how expensive your shoes are... but I care that you are able to dance the night away freely with your favorite people. I don't care about how flawless your makeup is... but I care that you will allow yourself to feel every emotion on your wedding day, even those that leave tears running down your cheeks from the overwhelming sense of gratitude, disbelief and joy that will find you.

Give me your laughter, joy and imperfectness. This day is worth remembering that way.

Quick Facts

I'd rather be

at the beach

Enneagram no.


listening to

Josh Rouse

weekend plans


favorite place

Catalina Island


caramel making

currently learning

how to surf

drink of choice

old fashioned

favorite human

the hubs

The back story

Over 15 years capturing couples and the families who love them, one well-earned photography degree, and an unlimited amount of positivity set the tone for our experience together to be lovely and as comfortable as can be.


A knack for bringing out your best and quietly sharing support when needed, photography is not only a passion but a natural extension of who I am and what's most important—ensuring your magical moments transform into timeless memories.

Thanks to adventures across the other side of the world (and here on California's beautiful Central Coast!), I'm constantly inspired by fresh light and creative desire; fascinated by humans and all that brings us together. The way we feel at home with a certain person, the way we vow our lives to theirs, and the way we receive and show love.

I create imagery that shares who you truly are in the moments you want to remember.

So let's connect. I am so looking forward to learning more of you and your story!

A few more things you should know...

No. 1

THis is my Sexy beast of a husband.

He likes physics jokes and long drives on the beach. He's a dream boat and has a passion for all things aviation.

This is Brian.

No. 2

THis is MY lil clan.

Brian and I were babies when we got married and had kids much sooner than we had planned (plans?! Who can really rely on those anyways?! They tend to go out the window all the time - but I'm so stinkin' grateful for it. Especially when it comes to these two).

Liam & Emery

No. 3

I live on a compound.

It sounds a little insane, "compound" is not my favorite word, but here's a brief story. Not that long ago, we went in on a property with my parents + brother's family—it's a little hill top overlooking the Arroyo Grande Valley. If we're not at the beach or venturing along the coast, you'll find us here, raising chickens, a goat and sheep, and working on making a double wide feel like the most beautiful homestead imaginable.

You should come visit sometime.

No. 4

I share a lot about our life

In the goal of always finding the good, even in the ups and downs of life — I share a lot of our stories here on Instagram. I'm pretty transparent and love the community there. Would love to connect with you over there!

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