San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

A Pinhole Wedding Preview

I was flown out to photograph a wedding last month in Wisconsin. Whenever I make it out to the midwest I always search for a way to make a lil stop into Chicago, which this trip worked out perfectly to do so. I stopped by and visited one of my favorite people, Dirk Fletcher. Not only was he my first instructor when I started Harrington, he also ran the photograph program. He is extremely important in my life of photography; I even trusted him enough to photograph my wedding. Within the first few moments of our conversations of intermingled photography talk and personal “how’s your fam?” he jumped up and said, “you do shoot Nikon, don’t you?!” He handed me this beautiful body cap converted into a pinhole adapter. He shared a little with me on his involvement with the pinhole lens cap and the images he has created with it are gorgeous. Check out a seminar he gave last year.

Here are a few shots from the wedding I photographed the next day using my Nikon D700 with a pinhole converter.


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