San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

An Airplane Engagement Session

It was windy with a definite chill in the air. The brisk ocean breeze was coming on through from Morro Bay, sweeping through the SLO valley and running straight down the runway. Even so, the sky was beautiful and he kept her warm. So we played with airplanes and soaked up the magical light.

Getting to know people with my camera in hand is one of my favorite things. Because as I get to know you, I’m freezing the moments. Archiving the subtle touches, the side smirks, the belly laughs, and you feeling safe. It’s the experience of melting away the feeling of new and unknown, to feeling known and seen. And this doesn’t just happen in front of my eyes only—it’s being encapsulated into a moment that is able to be looked back on and seen forever.

Falling in love is the absolute greatest thing. Being fully seen and known by another human, another soul—and being cherished in that space—it is by far the most beautiful thing in the world. For me, watching two humans in that place, it’s like watching an incredibly stunning sunset—it’s completely captivating and just keeps getting better and better. To make it even more memorable, these two fell in love with airplanes being the connection. Two pilots with a whole lot of dreams, and one of the sweetest loves.

Shanna + Eric, I absolutely adore the joy, admiration and comfort that radiates from you guys. Brian and I loved hanging out with you at the airport. Thank you for falling in love. And also loving airplanes. I am so excited for the two of you and what this world has in store! This is just the beginning. xoxo

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