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Catalina holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I knew I was falling in love with Brian. It’s where dreams and inspiration ignite. Quiet mornings walking and sitting on carless streets watching the light crest over the hill. Where walking hand in hand down alleys and dancing in the sand is things we do. It’s a time to slow down and see your priorities clearly. Brian’s family has a long history of time spent on this island and I love it is something I’ve been able to adopt into my life as well.

Anything Catalina related always catches my eyes. We have several prints in our home with Avalon as the backdrop. Being a city girl at heart, anything map related instantly becomes a favorite. We recently acquired a new print to showcase and it instantly reminds us of beloved moments from one of our favorite places in this universe. And I can’t help but share – because if you haven’t come across Modern Map Art, you need to. And you need to buy all the things. And fill your walls with all the goodness. And then buy a couple more and give them as gifts. I honestly can spend hours on their site.


Isn’t it so pretty? Catalina Island has such an iconic shape. And of course now I have a list of so many other prints I want from them. Chicago… Colorado… London… Edinburg… (the list goes on and on and on. I need more walls).

Modern Map Art

(go visit. Now. You’ll thank me later.)


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